Cincinnati Tool Steel - Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Cincinnati Tool Steel Co.'s value added services include custom boring with a capacity of 28" OD x 108" long and surface grinding capacity of 36" high x 28" wide x 192" long.

Our equipment list includes 3 turret lathes, 13 surface grinders, & a plate milling machine. Details of the equipment can be viewed below..

Our value added services have been a huge success for Cincinnati Tool Steel Co. and our customers due to quality, competitive pricing, and fast lead times. Our services allow our customers to save time and additional rough machining processes. in turn enabling them to shorten their lead times and eliminates processes, thus saving money.

We have always been very careful not to infringe on our customers' services. Our value added services are intended to allow our customers an on site service that other distributors would have to outsource adding costs, delays and lack of control.

Cincinnati Tool Steel Co. strives to assist our customers by giving them the option of these services based on their own schedules and needs.