Cincinnati Tool Steel - Shock Resisting

Shock Resisting


AISI S1 is a versatile chrome-tungsten shock-resisting tool steel. Its properties provide excellent service in both cold and hot work shock applications. In addition, it is widely used for master hobs. More on AISI S1


S5 was developed primarily for shock-resisting parts in which a combination of great ductility with hardness is required. Carbon tool steels with hardness under Rockwell C-60 cannot compare in shock-resisting properties with the alloy grades. S5 is primarily an oil hardening tool steel; intricate parts made of S5 are usually oil quenched. S5 may be quenched in water with satisfactory results, but care should be taken if the part has drastic sectional changes or sharp corners. More on AISI S5


AISI S7 is a shock steel with exceptional impact properties - unnotched Charpy over 200 ft-lb at 400F temper. Since it hardens in air, it is safe and stable in heat treatment. But perhaps the most remarkable characteristic of S7 is its versatility. It is used widely for medium-run cold-work tools and dies, for plastic-molding dies, for shear blades, for medium hot-work dies, for master hobs, and for component parts of many products. More on AISI S7