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Oil Hardening Tool Steel


AISI 01 is one of the most well respected oil-hardening tool and die steels. It is easy to machine. Normal care in treatment gives good results in hardening and produces small dimensional changes. It has good abrasion-resistance, and sufficient toughness for normal tool-and-die applications. When it is essential to have a safer hardening tool-and-die steel, O1 is used for the majority of applications too sensitive for carbon tool steels. More on AISI 01


O6 Graphitic is a medium alloy, 1.45 carbon, oil-hardening, tool steel. In the annealed conditions, about one-third of the carbon is present as graphitic carbon and the remainder as combined carbon in the form of carbides. In this condition, O6 is the most readily machinable of the oil- hardening tool steel grades. More on AISI 06


AISI L6 is in the general class of alloy, oil-hardening tool steels. Due to its lower carbon content, it has slightly better shock-resistance than more highly alloyed types and should be used where some wear-resistance can be sacrificed for increased toughness. More on AISI AL6