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Mold Quality/Hot Work

AISI 420

AISI 420 ESR Is an air or oil hardening mold steel having superior internal steel cleanliness combined with good resistance to corrosion. It is suitable for mold applications and is capable of? providing an excellent polished surface. More on AISI 420


H13 combines good red hardness and abrasion resistance with the ability to resist heat checking. It is an AISI H13 hot work tool steel, the most widely used steel for aluminum and zinc die casting dies. It is also popular for extrusion press tooling because of its ability to withstand drastic cooling from high operating temperatures. More on AISI H13


P20 is a chrome-moly tool steel made specifically to fill the requirements for the machined? cavities and forces used In zinc die casting and plastic molding. It Is delivered fully quenched and? tempered to approximately Brinell 300. Other hardness levels may be obtained through additional? heat treatment. More on AISI P20