Cincinnati Tool Steel - High Carbon-High Chrome

High Carbon/High Chrome


As the result of its special annealed structure, developed and tested over a period of several years, AISI Type D2 is the ideal grade for maximum production runs. Its machinability is superior to any of the similar types of tool steel. It also has excellent wear-resistance and deep hardening properties, and high compressive strength. Use D2 for applications requiring long runs and close tolerances. Use it for tools and dies for blanking, punching, forming, cold-extruding, and other operations requiring high compressive strength and excellent wear resistance. More on AISI D2


D3 is a high carbon-high chromium steel developed for applications requiring high resistance to wear or to abrasion and for resistance to heavy pressure rather than to sudden shock. Because of these qualities and its non-deforming properties, D3 is unsurpassed for die work on long production runs. It is primarily an oil-hardening steel, and it hardens to a great depth. The production from a die after each grind is consistently uniform. More on AISI D3